I have collected many, many testimonials since starting my business over 15 years ago. Originally they came in various forms such as letters and email, but nowadays the main place for collecting testimonials and reviews has become tripadvisor. So I would encourage you to take a look at what people say about me on the tripadvisor site.

If you interested in anything specific - tours with children for example, then I may be able to put you in direct touch with former clients who can tell you in more detail about their personal experiences with me and of my tours.

Why I like my clients

What you won't find on tripadvisor is any mention of why I like my clients. After all this love is mutual smile, so I've written special thanks to citizens of USA, Australia, New Zealand,Israel and Great Britain - as well as the following common text about why I like my clients.

My dear, my precious clients… For many years they have been doing 2 very important things:

I decided to write this article when I was thinking about my personal resources of happiness because I see 2 mainstream ones: my clients and loving family - with my husband in the first place.
Special thanks to my clients from:


If people in the world judged the American nation by my clients, they would unanimously agree that Americans are the cream of humanity. They are:

Their ideas about what makes happy moments in life are very much like mine.

After several years of working with USA clients I became confused - from where do the stereotypes about Americans come from if real people are so great? My British friend put some light on it saying that those Americans who:

form a very specific segment of the nation. And - right I am - they are actually great. But they are not representative - they are above average. Imagine - what a lucky person I am, spending my working hours with the best of Americans! I mean the best in the sense which is most valued in Russia - by their spirit, intellect and soul.

Some of my American clients have left a deep trace in my memory. I consider meetings with them as destiny gifts in a certain sense. I remember them with admiration and… miss them.


I live in Russia and have no plans to leave. But if were to choose a country to move to…. All Australians I've worked with had one thing in common: the charm of really nice people. I would dream to have such neighbors, to be surrounded by them in my everyday life. That is why when I see that future guests are coming from Australia I start smiling.

New ZealandNew Zealand

I have a feeling that for NZ citizens traveling is as natural as breathing or working - not a privilege of the upper classes. I've worked with builders, administrators and teachers. I can not help admiring these people who with calm confidence travel from one country to another, thousands of mile apart as if they are doing their usual, useful work. I wish all nations would be like NZ in this respect!


The most demanding, educated and smart people usually come to me from Israel. One can not afford to be poorly prepared with them or careless. Working with them is like an informal exam. That is why when, for example I got a letter in which an old Jewish gentleman wrote that I exceeded his expectations I felt really very flattered. Words of praise from such discerning clients have a high value.

Great BritainGreat Britain

If a Genie would grant me 3 wishes what would I ask for? One of mine would be - English manners and humor. For me working with British people is usually a challenge. I keep asking myself - am I good enough? What else should I do to be up to their level? Great Britain is my secret resource for developing self-perfection wink.