Tours and excursions for seniors

I couldn't wish for anything better than to be like my senior clients when I reach their age.

Energetic, smart and curious, they are a real pleasure to work with. It's one of the best opportunities I've received in life - to learn from them, how to have a great life after the age of 50 - since this subject is not taught in public schools :-)

Unfortuanately, in general, St. Petersburg is not well designed for senior people. Most excursions imply miles of walking. Bottles of water are often not allowed inside museums, toilets are rare and stairs are frequent. But I can help, for example if walking is a problem I can provide a wheelchair, together with a strong man for pushing - in fact a wheelchair is an advantage as it allows many priviledges such as using lifts in the museums.

Guiding for seniors
Tour at your own pace
Senior clients having lunch
Lunch in a restaurant
Guiding for seniors
No need to rush

But despite any obstacles we always manage to see everything and often more than the big groups. And when I see the crowds rushing past us I doubt that they really have time to enjoy, as we do.

As an 82 years old client of mine once said, "with age you simply need a bit more comfort traveling".

I believe the key issue is not to rush - to go at the pace convenient for you and to have little breaks, plus of course, to have fun. The more I work, the more I see that seniors actually know much more than youngsters.

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