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Children in playground

Families with children

I do not believe that having children should stop you from traveling, but a tour with children needs to be organized differently.

St. Petersburg is a somewhat unorthodox choice for a vacation with children, as it doesn't offer the sandy beaches and children's clubs that are the hallmarks of a typical family vacation, yet despite this it is certainly possible with careful planning to organize a great vacation for both adults and children.

Childrens attractions Reaching a compromise between the interests of adults and children is the secret of such vacation. For younger children Russian history and art are of little interest.. But what they do like and enjoy are the impressive fairy-tale style palaces, parks with fountains and picturesque churches.

It is quite possible to create a tour with visits to historical sights and with visits to more child orientated venues, such as a playground, fun-fair or water park.

Families with Teenagers

I do appreciate how hard it is to captivate modern young people with such things as culture, art and history. But we are not going to loose this battle to MTV, aren't we?

For the start we will refuse from the style of guiding which reminds us of school - no boring lectures! A flexible program plus non-standard list of places to visit let us involve teenagers into planning our time. Maybe they are interested in meeting somebody their own age in Russia? Motivating teenagers is something I am seriously interested in (more about it here), that is why working with them is so appealing for me.

If you are interested in a family tour of St. Petersburg please have a look at my families with children tour page.
 +Tatiana Collins+