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Customized Tour Programs and Excursions in St. Petersburg

Together we will create a tour especially for you.

You can have any dates or quantity of days for your trip.

I will suggest some options, but you will make the choices. Together we will create both a realistic and exciting plan.

But even then we will keep a certain level of flexibility. No one can control the weather, but it will be in our power to re-arrange our plans accordingly.

Prices for Tour Programs

The final price for customized tours depend on several factors such as duration of your visit, type of transportation you choose, the quantity of the museums you plan to visit, whether you wish to have an evening program etc. Still for the sake of orientation please have a look at my price list.

The ideas shown below are just examples of what can be done - together we will create a tour especially for you.

The very best of St. Petersburg

Visiting the most interesting sights from the golden age of St. Petersburg i.e. mid 18th to mid 19th centuries. Elegant palaces, lavishly decorated cathedrals and perhaps even a ballet performance which will make you forget about the 20th century and enjoy the Age of Elegance.

Tsarskoye-selo Peterhoff Yusupov Palace

Mix of sights and present day reality

A tour full of contrasts, suiting travellers interested not only in famous royal palaces but also in the history of the 20th century as well as in the local lifestyle. Add to the standard sites some local colour - wash yourself in a banya (Russian national steam bath house), visit a local food market and spend an evening at the local beer bar. Try to feel Russian!

Marinsky Market Aurora

St. Petersburg for the family with Children

Here we combine the classic sights of St. Petersburg with visits to attractions that appeal to children and adults alike. We will plan the program according to the age and interests of all the family members.

oceanarium Water park amusement park

Erarta Contemporary Art

A visit to Erarta museum is an excursion that can be added to any of my programs. Opened in 2010 this museum is dedicated to contemporary art. It makes an intesting contrast to the classical art that is usually featured on excursions in St. Petersburg.

erarta erarta erarta

Special Interest Excursions

These themed excursions are for those with a special interest in some aspect of St. Petersburg, Russia or Russian life. Whether your interest is Tchaikovsky, Dostoyevsky, Communist Russia, the WWII Blockade of Leningrad, The Russian revolution and communism or something different I can provide a suitable excursion program.

Tchaikovsky-tomb Dostoyevsky Soviet propaganda


Tips and ideas for evening entertainment in St. Petersburg.

Some fresh ideas & unusual experiences to compliment the sightseeing program.

More information:
Finalizing the Tour Program & useful tips.

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