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Visa Free for cruise ship passengers

I offer Visa free tours and shore excursions for cruise passengers.

You do NOT need to take the tour offered by the cruise company.

According to a recent Russian Law if you arrive by cruise ship which stays less than 72 hours in port and you plan to overnight aboard the ship, NO VISA IS REQUIRED to go ashore.

However, it does not mean complete freedom of movement.

  • You may disembark only if accompanied by a registered tour guide like me. You cannot disembark independently.
  • You must present a valid passport and a tour ticket to the border control officer
    I will e-mail you a tour ticket in advance and also provide all the necessary documentation to immigration and customs at the port so you will have no problems on arrival.
  • During your visit you must at all times be accompanied by your guide.
  • It is mandatory to re-board the ship at the time determined by your program prior to arriving in Russia - neither earlier nor later. For example, if your program is scheduled to finish at 6pm you cannot return at 7pm. Imagine the weather is beautiful and you want to walk along the canal embankment. Unless it was planned in advance you will have no chance.

If you want to be more flexible or independent with your plans the alternative is to process a normal Russian tourist visa.

If you are interesed in taking of this scheme (for any duration up to 3 days) please take a look at my shore excursions page or if you prefer email me with your duration of your stay and your interests. I will create for you a personalized itinerary taking into account, your interests and preferences; time in port; museum opening hours and other factors.

Visa Free tours are provided by registered tour company Status.
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