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About Teenagers in Russia

I think that our educational system is not up to date. It does not cover some essential subjects and skills in such areas as:
  • finances (planning a monthly budget, investments, taxes, pension etc.)
  • psychology
    (negotiations, relationship between men and women, communicative competence and ability to make presentations etc.)
  • project management
    (planning a family trip to Russia is a project as well as building up a future career)
Since it is not taught at school children need to collect this really useful information on their own initiative. No surprise that it takes time! It took me until age 34 to understand that it's not necessary to be rich in order to start making investments.

With this in mind I decided to give a few lectures to my 14 and 16 years old nephews. I wanted to summarize for them what I've learned not from school or university but what really influences the quality of life.

Now these meetings have become an important part of my life. On one hand I am a bit shocked at how little our teenagers actually know about basics of adult life, on the other hand I do not know how could they could have been expected to learn it - as important topics, such as those below, are not covered in our schools.
  • family budget and what it consists of
  • how to plan and to realize the vacation of your dream
  • how to choose the future profession
Motivation of teenagers plus their efficient adaptation to adult life is currently one of my leading interests. So if you have any materials or ideas - I will be most grateful for any help! Please, email me if anything comes to mind.
 +Tatiana Collins+