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Vodka serving bear Dear friends,

Welcome to the useful data reference section of my site. It is designed to simplify the planning of your trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. Our country image in USA/Europe mass media was so far from objective during last 20 years that you need to get some facts from the first hand to get rid of the unrealistic concerns and out of date prejudices. If you want the shortest possible description of our city from the tourist point of view here it is:

St. Petersburg is as beautiful and safe as Paris, but much cheaper. Locals are friendly and open though not everybody speaks English. The first visit will most probably exceed all your expectations.

Yet St. Petersburg is not Paris. Ex-socialist countries differ from the rest of the Europe. You will meet problems where you do not expect them. You can plan your visit using the latest information sources, but you know nothing can substitute practical experience. So if you want to ensure no stress and a smooth start of your trip think about an orientation tour - it will cover all your questions and get your trip started on the right track.

 +Tatiana Collins+