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A visit to Russia – is it worth going this year?

My honest personal opinion about the situation in Ukraine.

It is obvious that recently tension between Russian and American/European politicians has escalated.

Is it a reason to cancel/postpone the planned trip to Russia ?

Let me start from some quick facts.

  • All my clients who recently applied for Russian visas received them with no trouble – in due time, no difference from previous years.
  • There are no negative feelings towards USA or European citizens among the Russian population. Foreign tourists are as welcome as always. The atmosphere – if to consider how people react to tourists – is no different from the previous years.
  • All the sanctions – the restrictions the diplomats are discussing now are oriented on specific people in power. No one ever even mentioned any sanctions against tourists.
  • None of the Russians I know personally even considered for a second cancelling any planned trip to the USA.

So – if you were my old close American friend asking me is it risky to go to Russia this year – I would honestly tell you – it is safe, come!

Personally I do not believe for a second that there will be any war except a diplomatic one between Russia and other counties, and this has little to do with the tourism. Yes, Russian – American – European diplomats do not claim to be best friends at the moment. But they have never been friends, honestly speaking.

If the point of cancelling the trip is to demonstrate to Putin that you do not like him and his actions, then I am afraid it is a pointless act – he is not going to notice.

If you are concerned that you will not get a visa – or the locals will be unfriendly to you – the reality does not confirm it.

If some international meetings will be cancelled this summer – for tourists it will be only an advantage – less trouble with delegations, blocked traffic and other inconveniences such events cause to normal people.

If you have the opportunity to visit now, then personally I would take it. Too often we put things off only to find that the opportunity never arises again. At school I had a French language teacher who happened to go to France during the dark Soviet times and got real friends there. She was dreaming about making another trip. First she was too busy. Then she had some health problems. Then something else. So – eventually – her dream trip which seemed to be so real never came true.

Thousands of people from USA and Europe will visit St. Petersburg in 2014 and will enjoy it.

If you want to come to Russia – then come now. Beyond the standard tourist program you will get very interesting conversations with ordinary Russian people about their vision of what's going on. It is always very exciting to understand different point of view, given that it is expressed in a civilized manner, and that is something I am sure you will find here in Russia.

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