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A trip to Russia in 2015 and politics

The year 2014 brought us such a rise in tension between Russia and the West that it strongly reminiscent of the Cold war.

Is it a reason to refuse from a trip to St. Petersburg in 2015?

Let us have a look at it purely from the point of view of the risks for a tourist.

  • There were absolutely no negative cases with American or any other tourists in St. Petersburg in 2014.
  • People who actually visited confirm that they did not feel any criticism or aggression from the locals. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.
  • None of my clients was refused a Russian visa.

So – on the practical side – nothing has changed for tourists compared to previous years.

St. Petersburg is a safe and exciting tourist destination.

From myself I can only add that Russians are pretty worried about their future, but do not think that tourists have anything to do with, or are in any way responsible for what is going on in the world.

As for the politics of our president and how locals think and feel about it – I am more than happy to discuss these and other topics in an honest, sincere discussion with you here in St.Petersburg.

You can be sure that me – Tatiana – sincerely welcome Americans and people of all the other nations to St.Petersburg. You will be safe and comfortable with me. I can not influence the president's decisions, but I can assure you that you will be comfortable while in St. Petersburg. In such stressful times you will feel better seeing Russia with your own eyes - I promise.


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In the evening you can visit the ballet and opera - or if you wish do something more unusual.

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